Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Can you provide a quote?

A. Yes, we can provide a quote for ongoing maintenance and calibration of medical equipment. Quotes for repairs can be provided however these are more subject to change depending on the exact nature of the repair, once assessed by our Biomedical Engineers/Technicians.  


Q. How long do equipment repairs take? 

A. Medical equipment repairs can take two to three days, provided parts required are available. Urgent repairs can be turned around in 24 hours where required. 


Q. How do I get my equipment to you?  

A. Medical equipment can be dropped off by yourself or a courier between 8am-4:30pm Monday - Friday OR can be sent to Unit 4/611 Hay St, Jolimont WA 6014. Please attach our Equipment Repair Form (276 k) and ensure equipment is appropriately packaged. 


Q. How will my equipment be returned?  

A.  Equipment is returned via a courier service or alternatively can be picked up between 8am-4:30pm Monday - Friday at Unit 4/611 Hay St, Jolimont WA 6014. 


Q. Will I receive a report after a service? 

A. Yes. A Service Certificate will be provided after each service. Any equipment faults are reported to staff at the time of service and actions recommended are noted in the certificate provided. An asset register of equipment is kept and updated by Medelect providing an ongoing history for all equipment checked. 


Q. Do you sell medical equipment?

A. No, we only provide maintenance, repairs and calibration of medical equipment.